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Guild Website Guidelines

Tonka Beasby / Dec 20, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Below is a short set of guidelines of how to use the guild website for roster management, raid sign-ups and more!

1) Please use the apply button at the top right of the page to sign-up to the guild website and create a guild character.

2) Once your application is accepted, you can use the forums, view news, manage your characters in the roster, post screenshots and videos, and lastly but certainly not leastly, SIGN UP FOR RAIDS!!

3) Use the forums to post any class/raid specific questions and guides as well as provide any feedback or suggestions for the guild. There are two important threads everyone should be familiar with: "Loot System Guidelines" and "Highlight Tracker Sheet"

4) Use the roster to manage your characters, accessible on the 'Characters' tab. Everyone is automatically given a main character when they sign up and can add alts as needed. The character tab will allow you to modify character attributes such as Main spec, Off Spec, iLvl and pure/class rune count. Please keep this up-to-date as needed, so we can provide active raiders with runes!

5) Use the Events button to see Official and PUG raid nights, as well as any other guild events. Sign-up by clicking the event you wish to attend and clicking 'Yes' in the "Are you attending" section. You will be have to select the character and role you are in the raid and then cliock 'Sign-Up'

If you have any other questions or need any clarification on anything, please feel free to ask!



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